In summer 2012, we began engraving pet tags both for sale and to give to our clients along with a collar.

The number one way lost animals are reunited with their people is through an ID tag and collar. For cats entering shelters without ID, only 2% are reunited with their human. For dogs, it's 15%. We want to get pets back to their people!

Our goal is to make this a self-sustaining program where we sell enough tags to be able to provide–free of charge–an ID tag and a collar to those animal companions that live with folks who are financially restricted.

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Keeping Pets and People Together

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It's Hip To Be Snipped!



Spaying & neutering is the most humane way to decrease the number of animals ending up in our shelters/rescue groups. Not only does it prevent unwanted litters, it eliminates many 'negative' behaviors like roaming, fighting and inappropriate urine marking. Many health problems are prevented by spaying/neutering, e.g. testicular cancer, ovarian cancer, and mammary tumors.

Lastly, many people that are financially restricted rent their homes. If they have an unaltered pet that continues to have litter after litter, they are at risk of losing their home. Therefore, helping people spay/neuter their animal companions helps keep everyone in their home!

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Tag Your

Pet...It Ain't Graffiti!

For companion animals whose people are financially restricted, this fund assists with healthy pet food, vaccines, unexpected Vet bills and other needs. Assisting with unexpected Vet bills is our number one expense and has the biggest impact on pets' lives.

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Special Pets In Need

From time to time we have pets with needs/care beyond the usual. Here is an opportunity to direct funds to a specific pet in need rather than just the general fund (which is also used to help in these special needs cases).

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